Monday, August 13, 2012

{starting fresh}

This summer is almost over and I havent mentioned the coolest thing so far....May 21 we added another member to the Hamrick bunch....Piper June.
She's as sweet as can be...already a lot more calm that P ever was. Shes a snuggle bug too!!! She already seems so different than her sister!! Hard to imagine since she is only 12 weeks old. It's also hard to imagine that she is already 12 weeks old!!! OMG! She's our Ive been trying to keep her baby-ish. Which is hard...since she is growing and huge! She's already in the 100th percentile for her length and that will remind us that at one point in her life she was concidered long!! Im sure that will change;)
P loves her to peices....and I will record and record the way she is with her because although its sometimes too much its super cute and sweet and Im sure one day they wont be so into eachother;)
P's personality is growing by the days....I mean seriously I've never met a 3 year old with such sass, attitude, and opinions on anything and EVERYTHING. I have to tell her "check your self P" and she knows that means....not here and not now. It sometimes is just a little when she corrects a stranger... and tells them their rude....or tells them to chew with their mouths closed... I mean sometimes she's right...but she's 3 and needs to learn to respect others. So were working on that this year. I wont dull her sparkle...cause its my most favorite thing about her.....its....her!!!
I decided this last week that I will take off work for the next few years and just be a mama. Mark has wanted this for over 2 years ish....and I finally agreed. P starts preschool this year....and I want to enjoy her as much as I can before she start kindergarten which isnt really that far away! And Piper is such a love bug that I just can't leave her:( I want to be with her and enjoy her as much and more than I did with P. And how lucky I feel that I am able to do that.
I will for sure miss working since it's not like work at all. But luckily since I loved my clients and their all Im not too bummed. I mean who would be bummed that they get to stay home with their girls?!?!
Im excited.... to write more about these two girls of mine...who I adore....and record things i want to remember about them....even if it's interupted writing because I have to feed the baby...or wipe P's's real and it's us.

Why I left

{a lot has happened}

Lets start by explaining why I quit blogging. I read a lot of blogs! I mean a lot. I realized that people arent really who they seem to be...on their blog. Its like they write things about how they want you to think they are...and are from from the person they portray on their blog. I do NOT want to do that. Ive always been myself...take it or leave it...and im all about actions speaking louder than words.

I realized last night after someone mentioned an old blog post that I miss writing to P....she is only getting more funny and I still want to remember these things. I want to remember that her "thing" is wearing headbands. She wears one every single never matches...and it goes to bed with her. I want to remember that I let her dress her self no matter how many strange looks she gets...because she is a ball of personality and I dont want to dull her shine;) or her style as she calls it.
I want to remember when I brought Piper home from the hospital...and how shocked I was that Peyton wasn't a jelly belly...that she was sooo excited and sweet and loving. I want to remember that P calls her sister "sugar" or "sugs"for when Piper cries she tries to calm her by screaming over and over "piper the junza" "piper the junza". Sooo many things that go on daily with two little girls...I want to write to remember.
I missed it and I LOVED reading back and laughing at things I had already forgotten about P.
So this isn't for anyone...but me.

Thursday, December 15, 2011



Oh my.
It's been so long since Ive been blogging.
17 weeks pregnant and I'm realizing what my priorities are.

Spending less time on line.
More time sleeping.
Less time socializing.
More time for Mark and P.

I've learned to put the phone down and at first this scared many people. lol which is sad but true.
I actually like leaving it in the car. At home.
Ive been reading a lot. Mostly to P but some for me.

Putting more effort into the people who do the same for me.
Realizing that being.... is good enough...and doing all the time is over rated....and fully UN appreciated.

This pregnancy has put a lot into perspective for me.
Whats important, whats not.
What my goals are for now...and for the future.
Who I am thankful for.
What I am thankful for.

It's shown me the true meaning behind smooshed bladder.
And crashing immune system.

I am sharing this pregnancy with a few friends....who I am more than excited for.
It's like I know what there in a good way...a great way.
I know how excited/nervous they are.
I know that nothing will prepare them.
I know that they will fall in love like never before and be forever changed.
I know the love....and I'm excited that they will soon know it too.

I know that I've been slacking writing on here to you...P.
But I think you enjoy my full attention.
The nights I spend in your bed snuggling with you rather than typing on here.

I sure have been enjoying you.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Sweet Pea

{my sweet Pea}

You are two and a half this month and you are your own person no doubt!
You like to put your own shoes on...and Im not joking when I say you have 15 pair (weid because I am like the only person who is NOT a shoe person) but you will only pick between two pairs....and there exactly the same just different colors.
Im shocked when I tell you "that goes on the right foot" and you know which one that is!! I think daddy liked to work with you on that one....he has been teaching you that for over a year now.
You don't back down to much...and Aunt Shanie who you've nick name "Shantie" can back me up.
She has witnessed your....shall I call it..."personality" your stuborness, your temper.
Your not the kid we can trick with candy....but....telling you that I will call Helga....seems to do the trick (sometimes) and parents dont make feel bad for this one....Helga the mean ugly babysitter isn't any different than Santa, Easter bunnies, tooth faries etc....
Nanny Hamrick has talked about Mark as a child....and I think you must be a lot like him (temper) but I won't get your stubborn ways from us both...the attitude from me...were all working on things teach us a lot about ourselves....possibly more than I'll ever tell you!
Your not all attitude and tantrums though....your still my sweet Pea....who yells "MOM" just to tell me "I love you to the moony" you have my back and tell me when my breath stinks, you still rub my face and hold it ever so gently and tell me "i just want you to be happy" (one reason you work me over so well), you beg me to lay in your bed but the second I fall asleep you tell me Im breathing to loud....and I find that so humbling...because I do the EXACT thing to your daddy!!!! The other thing Im loving about you right now (besides every little thing) is how you call daddy and I babe.....and it's not out of the's like a daily thing and a normal thing you call us wehn you want our attention, when you want us to come to the room your in, when you tell us "good job, babe". You get that from me......I think I call everyone babe...but mostly Daddy. You try teaching me that Im supposed to call him Daddy and I try teaching you that Im not;)
Oh, P.
Just things that I never want to forget about age 2 and half.
The age you kicked down your crib....and became a big girl....sleeping in your big girl bed.
The age you are but everyone thinks you are older.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

bitter sweet

{bitter sweet}

It's been a great three years in our little home.
Little being the key word.
Just over 2,000 square feet but when you chop it up like this style of home it seems like a lot me at least.

This house was our first together.
We brought P home to this "castle" as she calls it.
I'm the type of person who gets attached....hates change... and cringes at the thought of the un known.......
but...timing is right and things seem to be falling into place for us right now.
After talking to our friends who are Realtors here in town they assure us the person buying our home is a very lucky new home owner and it should sell fast.
The price is great and everything inside is new, nice, and updated.
We put a lot of work into this house.
So today we decided.....
it's time to DE clutter and put it on the market.
I hate the thought of moving.

Someone else living here.....I wished it were someone I knew so I could feel better about it....knowing how they would appreciate all we've done....

I will take Lot's of pictures for you remember the home we brought you too....your first (and second) bedroom, your adorable toy room.

Why do we get so sentimental with houses?? It's so weird.
My friends mom always says...."you don't LOVE material things" and I think about that when I  selfishly think about... "I will make sure the person buying this house knows how much money that floor cost...and how my husband spent long hours and I mean hours pulling staples out of the base of the floor so he could lay the ever so expensive tile we picked out". It's all materialistic.....I should have listened to my I wouldn't be so attached knowing we wouldn't live her forever. Trust me there are things I hate about this house I'm not all sad....and if I keep in's all material.....and cross my fingers a nice young family will buy our house...and appreciate everything we have done to it....I might just free myself of an ulcer..
Things are really falling into place for us and it's our time....I hope it all goes as smooth as planned.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011



Tonight I come home from a nice short walk with a dear friend who lives down the street.
I see P's bedding on the floor at the top of the stairs...and I think "oh no, the flu".
Thank goodness.....she just peed the bed!
I never thought I would ever think nor say "ah, she just peed her bed".
I look in her room, her big girl room (i know sounds crazy 2 rooms, not so lavish trust me) then I go look in my bed.
P is snuggled tightly in Daddy's nook.
The nook?
The perfect little crevice where daddy's shoulder curves in used to be my it's our nook.
She is not a snuggler....especially with mama.
She saw me..probably heard me...and said mama I'm sleeping with my daddy...and who could argue with that.
I can hear her though now....chit chatting to daddy who is sound asleep due to being awake 48 hours off I go....maybe she'll snuggle me?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Technical interference..

{technical interference}

I love technology for many reasons.
I love the fact that when my daughter is napping (or lets be real watching cartoons) I can jump on the book.....share pictures of P with all my friends and family, enjoy all the pictures of my friends children who are also ever changing and growing quickly, and even just keep up with friends who if it weren't for the book I'd see once a year if that.....I love fb for all these reasons.

I don't love that it takes the realness out of some people.
It's so funny to me how you can communicate via fb and share so many friendly thoughts and words...and then you see the same person in person and they get that uncomfortable look and seem so awkward having a real LIVE conversation.

Obviously I'm not delusional. I know that having over 300 or however many "friends" we have via followers, etc...doesn't really mean were all "friends" but in a sense it means we feel safe and comfortable sharing pic's of our children, sharing silly stories of our lives, and sometimes building new friendships based on common interests and the fact that our children will be growing up in the same community....
So the fact that the courtesy and comfort lies in a silly computer screen boggles my mind.
When I see you in person....I find it sad that people are not as friendly, act as if that kid in your shopping cart is not the same kid they leave comment after comment on in the pictures you post. It's kinda like the people who you have done their hair for years...and when they stop coming to you (happens all the time we as hair dressers expect this) act like you your going to be angry with them so they avoid you and act as if they haven't shared detailed stories of their life with you... it's okay feelings towards you don't change because you wanted to try someone new to do you's okay....we can still be friends.

This technology interferes with the realness of people.
Does technology just give people the confidence that they lack in person.
Either way it's kinda a tease.
You don't always get what you see on the book.